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Keeping customers engaged with your business through the COVID-19 pandemic

How do I manage the impact?

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Many companies are now looking to better understand productivity in remote workers.  The fast movers are using cloud based, pay-as-you go solutions to help and support them with managing productivity in real time, understanding their key metrics and developing staff capability to improve the customer experiences.

We can help you understand what will suit your business and where the key areas of focus could be to enable you to optimise team output and improve customer advocacy. 

Collaboration tools, performance management tools and understanding how fully support workers with all the information they need is a real priority.  Leadership and regular frequent team check-ins are also more important than ever in these times

Our short answer is they shouldn’t.  We have seen that teams that are able to redesign and improve workflows, can actually achieve better performance.  The critical requirement is an effective mix of design and technology to support.

Congratulations.  You’ve taken the first step to developing a robust business operating model that will delight customers, manage costs for you, and protect the company from the impacts of COVID-19.  Next steps are to ensure that you can do this for the medium to long term.  Speak to us about simple strategies and solutions to help.

Better Customer experiences and reduced cost to serve customers. 

We have seen that employees love the tools that we can offer to support them, and as reported by Gartner, the happier staff are, the happier your customers will be.

Yes absolutely.  A properly supported, measured and monitored work from home solution will enable employees to stay happy and productive while delivering material savings for your business

There is a real risk that if you don’t have the right operational control and technology to properly support your remote workers that your customers’ experiences will suffer.

What we have found is that businesses that fully support their remote staff, the customer experience can  actually improve due to better workflows, improved resolution rates for enquiries, shorter wait times and happier agents dealing customers.

We have seen first hand some great positive impacts on CX using this approach.

Taking too long.  Now you have staff working from home, you’re perfectly set up to start to improve your CX strategy and operations to exceed your customers’ expectations.

We have solutions that can be set up in a matter of days to get you on the path to improving your customer experience proposition.  Contact us for an informal conversation on how we can help you.

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