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4 Tips for maintaining productivity in work from home contact centres

It’s early days but the signs are not surprisingly, that some output metrics have reduced – one business I have reviewed has seen up to a 20% reduction in the contacts handled per agent hour. Yes you can expect during this period of adjustment that numbers will drop off, but you don’t want your CX metrics to drop off at the same time.  The good news is that there are are some relatively quick wins you can grab to adjust to the new operating model.

TIP 1:   Look for knowledge gaps.  If your talk time has risen overall but the talk time of your most experienced staff has stayed constant it’s usually a pretty good sign you have a knowledge gap in your team.

For many the key first step is to improve your knowledge capability. In a typical contact centre environment if you don’t know the answer to a customer question you would ask your Team Leader or the person sitting next you.  This scenario happens much more often than it should, and more often than people are aware of.  Check your on call hold times – if they are (were) high then this is probably happening in your team.  That avenue (asking the person sitting next to you) is no longer available in a WFH set-up. You need good, easily available knowledge, a feedback mechanism for knowledge that isn’t available, and a feedback mechanism for knowledge that is available but is outdated or incorrect. 

TIP 2: Create a knowledge hub. If you have a Knowledge Manager or a Training Team, get them to create a knowledge hub within the existing Knowledge Management suite dedicated to Work From Home Tips and Tools.  Include any business changes and ongoing updates arising from the new way of working.  

Companies need to change their management systems and governance to better suit the requirements of a remote working environment as teams need more comprehensive and dynamic support when working remotely. Increased quality monitoring not only protects the service delivered to customers but should identify improvement opportunities.

TIP 3:   Include some measure of First Contact Resolution (FCR) in your suite of quality reporting. If your FCR is improving that is good sign you are working more efficiently.

Performance Management.  We can see more and more companies now using performance management tools to support remote working teams and individuals. Once the process of working from home has been established there will be a need to leverage the smart technology available to produce more (not less) individual performance management information and visibility.

TIP 4:    Consider implementing a Performance Management tool. 

As ‘Management By Walkabout’ is no longer a possibility in a work from home environment, that practice will need to be replaced by real time data based performance management tools and support. Identify your key available objective measures, establish targets and situation appropriate variance thresholds and introduce  a clearly understood process for management feedback and intervention.  These tools tend to be cloud based and pretty much plug and play out of the box so easy to implement and present real value.

Thanks for reading – We have some great case studies and experience in helping companies tailor these solutions to fit their specific business requirements.  We specialise in driving fast and efficient CX and Operational performance improvement implementations to deliver companies quick payback and better customer experience..

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